Design Services provided for you.

As a practitioner outside my current day job, I run freelance services part-time to help people thrive.

Below are key freelance services I provide:

  • Brand + Identity (Logo Design)

  • Brush Lettering

  • Graphics and Digital Design

  • Motion Graphics + Animation

  • Publication + Editorial

  • Social Media Campaigns (Facebook + Google Adwords)

  • Tutoring (limited spots available)

  • Video + Photography

  • Wayfinding + Signages + Billboards

  • Web-Hosting + SEO Setup, Support and Migration

  • Website Development (Heavy user for WordPress, but not limited)

Need some help?

Click the icon bottom right corner to start a chat with Athena, a virtual assistant that can help you with simple questions about Darren Ngui’s Design services.

Athena was created by Darren to help him with enquries when he is away from my desk.